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Hello, hello!
I’m starting this year off with a clean slate. I’m working on the ‘about’ page of this site… it’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Actually, I wanted to get Creative Wanderings up and running earlier, but somehow real-life always gets in the way. But here I am, launched and ready to go for 2010! If not for January 2010, at least for Chinese New Year :)

I’ve decided to start this new blog as a broader way to document my interests, while including inspiration, experiences, and anything else that I find notable. For now, I may occasionally update my Posterous blog, but have left Dine. Travel. Design behind. Don’t worry, you can still access the blogs and my previous posts at their respective locations, both listed on the side panel under “previous blogs”.

Now, it’s finally official! I quite my full-time job of 2+ years just two weeks ago and I’ve been getting things here in Boston organized so that I can tackle the next big adventure. I know, I know.. Am I crazy?! When everyone is thankful to have a job and the economy is only beginning to reshape itself (sort of..), I’m making an incredible move. Nonetheless, I’m not yet packed, but more than ready to go!

In about a week, I’ll be leaving my hometown of Boston, Massachusetts for Beijing, China (via a 7-day pitstop in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics atmosphere)! I have no idea what to expect; and I’m both nervous and extremely excited for the change that I’ve been needing since graduating college. I’m ready! At least as ready as can be. It won’t be completely foreign to me, having spent a summer in Shanghai 4 1/2 years ago, and visiting grandparents in Hong Kong each year, but this is not just a trip, we shall see what happens. :) I’ll be going to the other side of the world on a student visa to take an intensive Chinese language class at a respectable university in Beijing. I look forward to the culture shock, new environment, people, and experiences. More importantly, I’m very excited to have the time to work on some personal projects, take more photographs, tackle some freelance design and contract work, while documenting my design (and other) insights with art/design exploration here!

Visa: check. Plane ticket: check. As soon as I pack, I’m off and ready to go!

Please come back for a visit to the site again soon for more updates. Or subscribe via RSS at the top right corner. Cheers!

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