a note to myself (and readers)

I recently received an email (honestly, I didn’t know anyone was actually reading my babble…!) encouraging me to continue my explorations and lifestyle. I hadn’t realized the interpretation of lifestyle through my blog. I see this as a place to record thoughts, images, products, and adventures that inspire or excite me and make me wonder, ponder, […]

‘Neighborhood Gem Project’

It’s the last day to submit a contribution for the Neighborhood’s Gem Project at Good in collaboration with Pictory. After arriving to Beijing and being a little homesick, I’m happy to have submitted :) I hope my photo makes the cut! It’s great to see a compilation of local neighborhood sites with emphasis on the importance of […]

Happy New Year! (Chinese New Year, that is)

Good-bye year of the Cow…Happy year of the Tiger! Coincidently, the Lunar New Year falls on the American Valentine’s Day of February 14th this year. I won’t be spending the day with family; instead, this morning, I’m off to Vancouver with a someone-special to explore and enjoy the Winter Olympics! We don’t have tickets to […]

Overdue Flickr Uploads

A few photos from my last trip to Asia back in December (Hong Kong and Taipei, Taiwan). City life, cramped spaces, the old with the new, and modernization… aahh yes, I love the contrast of lifestyles. via Wandering Along the Way Flickr Album

welcome to Creative Wanderings!

Hello, hello! I’m starting this year off with a clean slate. I’m working on the ‘about’ page of this site… it’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Actually, I wanted to get Creative Wanderings up and running earlier, but somehow real-life always gets in the way. But here I am, launched and […]