Solutions for your project or business


Designer with nearly 15 years experience in high performance, start-up environments as well as established operations with international teams. Proven visual communications & creative solutions to support positive and memorable user-experience.

• Brand Identity & Graphic Design
• Presentations & Communications
• Social Media Marketing
• User Experience (UX) & Participatory Design
• Design Research & Trend Analysis
• Project Management

Based in Hong Kong, creating solutions to help businesses & individual clients globally.



Private, Groups, Beginners, & Pregnancy


Private and Corporate Group classes allow students to practice based on their schedule, needs, and goals. We will work together to create a practice that suites you: strength, injury recover, flexibility, or breathing & meditation.

• Customized Online or In-person
• Full body movement
• Safe alignment
• Mindfulness techniques
• Improve overall health, posture, flexibility
• Enhance mental vitality, clarity, focus

Students are guided to cultivate mindful daily living on and off the mat. Everyone can practice yoga!