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Designer with over 12 years experience in high performance, start-up environments as well as established operations with international teams. Professional skills include project management, organization, research & communication. Proven visual communications & creative solutions to support positive and memorable user-experience.

• Brand Identity & Graphic Design
• Presentations & Communications
• Social Media Marketing
• User Experience (UX) & Participatory Design
• Design Research & Trend Analysis
• Project Management

Based in Hong Kong, developing solutions to help businesses & individual clients globally.

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Private, Groups, Beginners, & Pregnancy


Private and Corporate Group classes allow students to practice based on their schedule, needs, and goals. Personal, appropriate modifications are given according to accessibility, physical ability or injury. We will work together to create a practice that suites you: strength, injury recover, flexibility, or breathing & meditation.

• customized time online or in-person
• full body movement
• safe alignment
• manage stress, depression, anxiety
• improve overall health, posture, flexibility
• enhance mental vitality, clarity, focus

Students are guided to cultivate mindful daily living on and off the mat. Spreading happy, healthy living - one yoga session at a time!

Every person can practice yoga.