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Beginner Yoga

  • Beginners Program
  • Injury Recovery
  • Custom Experience


Private Yoga

  • One-One Session
  • Corporate Groups
  • Private Groups or Events


Guided Meditation

  • Breathwork Practices
  • Mindfulness Techniques
  • Meditation Styles



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The yoga classes I offer are accessible and grounding. On the mat we will improve body awareness, practice self-care, and cultivate the relationship to yourself & to the world around. You will be guided with mindful breathing, intention in movement, and mental focus to feel joy, clarity, and ease.

My goal is for students to emerge content and nourished after each yoga practice. I enjoy sharing the physical and energetic symmetry that is revealed and felt through yoga. With authentic self-discovery, let’s build a balance of mind-body-soul to live with kindness, compassion, and love for all beings. ♥


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build a foundation


Every person can practice yoga, and find a path for mind-body balance. New to yoga? You'll learn and understand posture fundamentals to feel ready to attend group yoga classes after a handful of sessions.

  • mindful breathing
  • full body movement
  • strong foundation
  • safe alignment


Let's work together for a personalized approach to poses, postures, and transitions for your unique body. Feel equipped to join group or studio yoga classes.


a practice that fits you


Private and Corporate classes allow students to customize practice for specific schedule, abilities, or goals. Want a sweaty workout? Tips to release office tension? Or something in between? We'll build a practice tailored specifically for you or for the group.

  • enhance mental vitality, clarity, focus
  • improve overall health, posture, flexibility
  • increase physical strength and energy
  • use of props, or chairs


Let's create a program that supports and supplements your needs. Program series may include: Spine care & Posture, Beginner yoga, Chair yoga for the Office, and Mindful movements.


nourish changing bodies


A space for women to connect to themselves and to their babies. Expecting a little-one? Or a new mom? We'll add some tools for your new journey. Guided support will help you mindfully navigate the experience of motherhood.

  • targeted strength building
  • pelvic floor exercises
  • key areas of pain relief
  • enhance the mother-child bond


Let's enjoy time for self-care and deep relaxation with a balance of strength in a nurturing environment.


mental calm, clarity, and focus


Notice your breath, calm your mind, and focus attention. Interested in meditation? Not sure where to start? We'll try a variety of techniques to see what resonates with you most. Or, need a little support to revamp your practice? Guidance is offered to reestablish routine.

  • mindfulness practices
  • body scan meditations
  • breathwork practices


Let's build a foundation and practice to improve emotional regulation, self-awareness, and concentration.

Online or In-person

Enjoy the Benefits of Yoga

Calm & Peace

Mind & Body

Strength & Flexibility

Client Testimonials

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I love the positive vibes of Tiffany's yoga class! It's an excellent workout. More importantly I feel so rewarded with calm and peace of mind. Highly recommended!
— Dorothy, private group class

Tiffany is a wonderful yoga teacher. Her voice keeps me grounded even in difficult postures. After every session I feel stronger, more balanced, and alert for productivity. I need to schedule her more often!
— Rhonda, private client

I love yoga with Tiffany! After her class, I feel so happy and rejuvenated. I’m so lucky to find Tiffany as my yoga coach, she really shows us the physical and mental benefits of yoga. I recommend practicing yoga with Tiffany to everyone!
— Virginia, group yoga class

The magic Tiffany shares through yoga is amazing. She helps me relieve mental stress and body tension with correct alignment and muscle engagement during class. I feel at ease and can better take care of my family after practice. Since learning yoga from Tiffany, I can better overcome challenges. Thank you!
— Shirley, private group class

Tiffany's personality is so pleasant & grounding! I always look forward to yoga with her. She offers an awesome workout combined with yoga philosophy. She teaches with encouragement and patience. Joining Tiffany's yoga classes has enlightened my own spiritual journey. I am so grateful to have her as my yoga teacher. Whether you're a beginner or advanced yoga student, I highly recommend you take her yoga class!
— Linda, group yoga class 

Colleagues in the office find Tiffany's yoga sessions a weekly highlight. She has a bright energy and offers care or special variations to everyone and all abilities. Her classes are great for both stress relief and movement. Our office happily recommends Tiffany's yoga services.
— Nikki, corporate yoga class

yoga & mindfulness practices

Customized for You

About Tiffany

I am a keen student of yoga and its philosophies, and continue to deepen my education and practice of Yoga, Mindfulness, Ayurveda, and Meditation with international teachers.

My yoga journey began in 2010 when I sought fitness and escape from Hong Kong city-life. Instead, I discovered mental clarity and a joyful method for living. In chaos, yoga remains my constant. Not only did I find physical benefits, but also nervous system balance and improved mental wellbeing.

Off the mat, I enjoy exploring culture, food, art & design, photography, and travel.

Tiffany Wan is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) and Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) with Yoga Alliance.


  • (in-progress) RYT 500 – Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training – with Jason Crandell (300 hours), 2021
  • RPYT 100 – Prenatal, Postnatal, Active Birth Yoga Teacher Training at Pure Yoga HK (100 hours), 2018
  • RYT 200 – Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Union Yoga Ayurveda HK (200 hours), 2018

Qualifications & Trainings:

  • Mindfulness-Based Stressed Reduction (MBSR) – The Mindfulness Center at Brown University (8 week course), 2021
  • SmartFLOW Advanced Yoga Training: Movement Principles; Transitions; Pranify; Bandhas  – with Annie Carpenter (75 hours), 2020-2021
  • Ayurveda 2: Ayurvedic Principles in Motion & Sequence – with Sera Melini, Yogavahi Ayurveda & Yoga (40 hours), 2020
  • Ayurveda 1: Ayurvedic Foundations in Flow & Theory – with Sera Melini, Hamsa Yoga & Ayurveda (30 hours), 2019
  • Yoga Sequencing 2-day Workshop – with Amy Ippoliti, 2019
  • Asia Yoga Conference – with Marysia Do (Vinyasa), Markus Giess (Yin), Nikki Costello (Iyengar & Pranayama), Emily Large (Yoga Therapy), 2019
  • Vipassana Meditation Course – at Dhamma Muttā as taught by SN Goenka, Hong Kong, 2019

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Online yoga, or at location: home, office, in a hired studio, or outdoors. Private classes are tailored for individuals or small groups. 

We will work together to carefully create a custom approach.

  • Online, up to 3 persons: USD $50 or HKD $380/hour session
  • Individual session: HKD $700/hour session
  • 5 Package session: HKD $550/hour session
  • Small Group: Above, plus HKD $100/extra person

* Note: Rates vary pending location and/or facility & equipment needs.



Your preferred class schedule / location / number of people?