Vermont: more than cheese & syrup

Last month I spent four days vacationing in the small resort town of Manchester, Vermont. During this trip we ate only at locally-owned restaurants and shops where I had some of the most freshly prepared food I have ever tasted. The one thing that I couldn’t help but notice was that each place had a perfectly tossed salad with juuuust the right amount of dressing.

On a side note, the real reason that motivated me to post was coming across an article about Vermont Gold vodka, made from 100% maple sap.

Starting with pure Vermont maple sap (harvested for only a few weeks of every year), the brew undergoes a triple distillation process using local spring water, and vodka passes through a charcoal filter at the end of each cycle to remove impurities. The strict attention to detail in the distilling and fermentation process, along with the freshest local ingredients, results in the clean, maple-infused taste.

via CoolHunting

And now onto some restaurant highlights from the trip:


The favorite of the three dishes we tried at Up for Breakfast was a deliciously savory potato quiche with spicy sausage. With great reviews online, we had to try it, but perhaps it was over-hyped. Or maybe we should have stuck with less exotic things on the menu instead of going for the crab wrapped crepe with poached egg. Although good and filling, I wasn’t blown away and found other places more worth the 30 minute wait.


Depot Cafe was one of the most unique experiences with the cafe literally located in the middle of a furniture store. The mushroom pizza was freshly prepared and the smokey-ness from the brick oven added a great subtle flavor to the earthy mushrooms. The thin crust was not too crunchy and had a good bite and texture. Be aware, this is no Italian cafe; the food is very much Turkish. Definitely recommended.


The Lawyer and the Baker was by far one of the favorites on this trip; the photo does no justice, as we ate here twice in four days. Filling sandwiches and salads, super fresh ingredients, and home baked bread. This is totally where simplicity wins in gourmet sandwiches.


Speaking of simplicity, as far as a simple breakfast goes the Little Rooster Cafe was beyond perfect. Fresh fruit on top a waffle. Amazingly satisfying.


At Bistro Henry I had the most tender tournedos of beef that melt in your mouth with a wonderfully flavorful red wine shallot sauce and peppercorn butter. The veggies were incredibly fresh, I imagine coming from the restaurant’s backyard garden.

These are only a few places we stopped in, the weekend was filled with gastronomical goodness. It looks like Vermont just has everything when you’re with good company: good food, good cheese, and good drinks! What more could you ask for? :)


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