table setting: name cards

This week I’ve been helping a very good friend with some details for her wedding tomorrow. For the table seating, we put together these lovely name cards (idea from Martha Stewart)! Sorry they’re only 1/2 finished in the photos below, but you can imagine how adorable they would be once they’re finished off with the missing orchid plucked on the top of the wire. The hardest part was securing the name cards to the wires in the little loop. The key here is to make sure that the round loops have been made a large enough diameter to easily hold the card. We had a bit of trouble securing many of the cards and used just a drop of Elmer’s glue on the back of each. She decided to use rhinestones to indicate each guests entree choice. Cute. Don’t you think?


One thought on “table setting: name cards

  1. Love it! I’m researching wedding tablescape ideas and this comes up! Martha is so helpful…I’m using a few of her ideas, too!

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