slurp digital eyedropper sucks up info

This digital eyedropper sucks up information from one screen and injects it wirelessly to another. Have a look at 40 seconds of amazingness:

In this video I demonstrate how slurp can be used to move digital files between machines over the network. Rather than plug a USB drive into the port that corresponds with a specific file seen on a screen, just suck the file directly off the screen itself. Slurp is used like an eyedropper, it vibrates and displays light to indicate it’s state to the user.

With so much of our lives connected to digitized media, Slurp is a wonderful exploration of the grey line between physical and digital. By Jamie Zigelbaum, Adam Kumpf, Alejandro Vazquez, and Hiroshi Ishii in the Tangible Media Group http://tangible.media.mit.edu at the MIT Media Lab, they’ve explored the space between physical products and intangible media creating a relationship between devices and abstract digital media or interface in computing environments. Wonderful don’t you think?

via Engadget

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