‘Neighborhood Gem Project’

It’s the last day to submit a contribution for the Neighborhood’s Gem Project at Good in collaboration with Pictory. After arriving to Beijing and being a little homesick, I’m happy to have submitted :) I hope my photo makes the cut! It’s great to see a compilation of local neighborhood sites with emphasis on the importance of community. Can’t wait to see the outcome!

What’s the best thing in your neighborhood (outside your home)? Is it the park bench with an amazing view, the house that’s ridiculously decorated for every holiday, or maybe a community space like a park or school? Include a photograph and a description that conveys the culture of the spot and of your neighborhood.

This is the photo that I’ve submitted for review: The neighborhood Dairy Freeze ice-cream shop buzzes with life when school’s out of session. Located on a main street, Dairy Freeze is at the center of adjacent neighborhoods, where kids ride their bikes up and down the streets and play kickball in the park. Other conveniences are a short walk: the laundromat, convenience store, bakery, and coffee shop. During warm summer months, the parking lot is filled with cars that drive up for a quick, cold stop and kids jumping up and down in line for their cold treats. In contrast, during the cold months of a Massachusetts winter, the Dairy Freeze closes for business and is seemingly deserted, awaiting for the warm, sunny days to come once again.

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