a note to myself (and readers)

I recently received an email (honestly, I didn’t know anyone was actually reading my babble…!) encouraging me to continue my explorations and lifestyle. I hadn’t realized the interpretation of lifestyle through my blog. I see this as a place to record thoughts, images, products, and adventures that inspire or excite me and make me wonder, ponder, think, and question.

How fitting. Now, about 6 months since I started this record, and upon reflection, it does seem as if I’m trampsing (or traipsing) around the globe on this glorious adventure. Sometimes, I am and it’s exciting! Other times, I’m just a young lady trying to figure out what to do next. In actuality, I am exploring. Exploring what to I want to be when I grow up. And I realized that at the start of all this, I had big plans to do a lot- I think we always do. And upon reflection of our actual accomplishments, it never quite matches up to the desires and goals. So, I’ll keep striving! And occasionally keep you updated here.

In the mean time, I’m on a summer vacation for another few weeks. As I mentioned 6 months ago, I studied industrial design, graduated from college, and worked full-time for a couple years. Then, I decided after spending a summer in China 5 years ago, that I’d always wanted to go back again. So the easiest way to do that? Since it has also been on my list of things to do, I’d go and learn Chinese. And here I am now… between Beijing, where I learn Chinese, and Boston, where I forget what I’ve been learning! haha..

Now, to my next point. I’m sorry to the readers out there for any recent posts that needed more thought and attention to grammar. I admit, I’ve been busy lately and have blogged posts that lack a real story. I’m now making a promise to myself (and to you, please make sure I stay on track!) not to just fill my blog for content, but to instead tell stories and make meaningful observations in a thoughtful, well written way (however short or long).

Thanks for your support, everyone! (and I’m sure it’s literally, just ‘one’ out there…) haha :)





3 thoughts on “a note to myself (and readers)

  1. I really like your writing because your thoughts have been inspiring me a lot. Although I left Beijing and return back to Taiwan, I’m still following your posts! Thanks god so much that I could konw you through my teacher, Blair, in Beijing.

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