I love dim sum

Inspired by Luxirare‘s Dim Sum series… I had to give it a shot. But my photo skills just aren’t quite there….
Having a look at my series afterwards, the images don’t even come close in comparison to my inspiration. They just aren’t as interesting as I’d hoped. Perhaps the composition of the photos could be a bit more interesting in telling the story of what’s happening in the surroundings or on the table. Or I could have zoomed in a lot more to focus on the intricate details that make dim sum delicate and delicious. Any photographers out there with suggestions and critiques??

While I was in SF, my lovely cousin treated me to dim sum at Koi Palace. For the higher than usual dim sum prices, this is not a place for the typical dim sum dishes of shrimp dumplings or shu mai and sticky rice (which are also on the menu). There were many unusual dishes and twists to the usual affair. With choosing many unique items on the menu, our  success rate was about 70% of dishes we ordered being deliciously delicate and beyond any other regular dim sum I’ve had; also on par with high end food expectations. Highly recommended :)

Xiao long bao (小笼包) was definitely one of the best dishes. With a delicately thin wrapper that highlighted the soft, well balanced, and not too dense, savory pork filling.

Other dishes were drunken chicken, vegetarian goose (made of tofu skin), and fried tofu.

The filo durian was rich and creamy. If you’re a durian fan, you’ll love this creaminess wrapped in flakey delicate filo. I can’t personally say that I’m one of those crazy fans, but I certainly don’t dislike the fruit that smells like skunk. It’s definitely worth a try.

My favorite of the dishes we had is the coffee marinated spareribs: tender and savory with just a hint of coffee, completely worth eating with your hands and licking your fingers.

I love dim sum. In addition to the comunal eating of this meal and the beauty and delicacy of the foods involved, the experience totally stretches the “American” perception of “Chinese food”.


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