restaurant buzzer

Many of the restaurants here have call bells at the table with corresponding buttons to call for waitstaff service. I’m not sure if it allows for better or worse service. The ‘ding-ding-dong’ sound can be easily ignored, making it difficult for customers to get service. Or it can be great, attentive service when needed as opposed to having to wave down the proper waitstaff and straining your neck looking all over the restaurant.

Thoughtful, interesting product solution.

2 thoughts on “restaurant buzzer

  1. When I was in Melbourne, Australia. I visited a chinese restaurant called, Oriental Tea House, it was quite modern with some modern chinese ‘dim-sum’ type plates of food, for dinner though. On the table they had a call button which would send a message to the waitress via their watch which would vibrate! It was pretty interesting and the food was delicious.

    1. It’s insightful to see the same technology applied in different ways and used in the same type of environments! For instance, I haven’t seen any restaurants in the US with table-callers like this or the one you saw in Australia, but many places hand out buzzers to customers waiting in line for a table to alert the customer when the restaurant is ready to seat them.

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