Beef Noodle King

It’s funny and insightful that the USA is used for reference when beef noodles are an original Chinese dish. California is apparently home to the beef noodle king. And here’s a Beijing location:

restaurant buzzer

Many of the restaurants here have call bells at the table with corresponding buttons to call for waitstaff service. I’m not sure if it allows for better or worse service. The ‘ding-ding-dong’ sound can be easily ignored, making it difficult for customers to get service. Or it can be great, attentive service when needed as […]

Looking forward to Vancouver!

With a nice list from the NYTimes and DesignWeek Vancouver, I’m sure that I’ll wish I had more than a week to eat my way through the city! I had heard that there’s a great deal of Asian food in Vancouver, but I had no idea that it was to such a great extent. I’ll let you […]