local HK charms from G.O.D

I posted about Goods of Desire in the past and here’s another great little take away that they’ve launched. It’s a great way to take a bit of Hong Kong home with you. Part of what makes the travel experience is the “charm”, character, and uniqueness to a place. These small souvenirs from GOD address […]

pee splash guard

Another funny Japanese product: pee splash guard for the bathroom. To prevent splashed pee and easy cleaning! Easy attachement and easy peeling off! Who knew that pee splash guards are actually a needed necessity?! Or that such a product even existed?? Although, it could be of use in college apartments that are often disgusting and […]

eat your crayons!

Remember when you were yelled at as a kid for eating your crayons? Well now you can! Crayon (made of food!) is a set of food bars made by Luxirare. Crushing up various foods of the same color family and using marshmallow to hold the ingredients together, crayons are formed in a mold. The flavors are based on […]

wheelchairs in Vietnam

Looking through some old photos, I came across these tricycle wheelchairs on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City when I was visiting a couple years ago… I’d never seen anything like it before, or perhaps I’m too sheltered. I did a bit of digging and these chairs are actually manufactured in Ho Chi Minh City, by KienTuong, […]


Lacie‘s “iamaKey” USB key is lovely! Lately, I’ve been busy backing up photos and reorganizing files. With the USB always with the house keys, iamaKey would be perfect for my absent-mindedness of always forgetting something.. haha.

manage your cords

It’s true that our lives revolve more and more around electronics and it’s peculiar that cord management of all our electronics has really become an issue for us! I love travel accessories and MI-O cell phone cradle via YankoDesign helps manage all those cords when charging your cell phone, so they aren’t dangling all over the place. There’s […]

stampy digi-cam

A new look at the Polaroid and instant-photo? In stamp form! Stampy is a camera concept that allows users to ‘stamp’ photos instead of print them (or in addition to printing photos). The pixelation of the stamp is a visual detail that references the original digital photo…? I’m curious what the thought process was behind […]


HANS IM GLÜCK (“Hans in Luck”) is a towel and bag in one. Perfect for the current beach, picnic, summer season! Designed by Jan Dobmaier and available here. via SwissMiss Oddly it’s also perfect for those street vendors in Beijing who have to run from the cops when they come to stop any illegal sales of merchandise. Haha! […]

DWR: lighting

There’s something very interesting and modern about these partially handblown lights. I can’t pinpoint what it is that I like about them, perhaps it’s the organic shape or the interesting contrast of lamp flowing into itself…regardless, I want! Though the phallic-ness could get a bit disturbing after a while.. via DesignWithinReach


I know it’s the middle of summer and the last thing on our mind is cold hands, but these “ordinary mittens” are adorable and thoughtful! I’m not sure who makes them, but I love them! No worries about loosing your kids’ mittens and encourage them to hold your hand while crossing the street… simple and […]

Shanghai Tang

If you don’t know about Shanghai Tang, (in addition to the Chinese translation of Shanghai’s Bund), it’s a high-end fashion brand that uses traditional Chinese design to influence it’s lifestyle and fashion products. Shanghai Tang is the first luxury brand emerging from China. Its design mission is to revitalise Chinese innovation and to interweave it with […]

melting LED lightbulbs

A subtle and poetic reminder of energy waste… (looks a bit like melting ice-cream too!.. maybe I’m just always thinking about food.) Each time you’d switch these melting LED bulb lamps on, you’d be reminded of the unnecessary energy being wasted, killing our fine world. Keita Ogawa’s concept isn’t available to buy yet, but is […]

anywhere: a travel guide

Magda Lipka Falck’s project, for the 2010 degree exhibition of Stockholm’s art and design school Konstfack, examines the idea of travel books. Titled “Anywhere—A Travel Guide” Falck allows for journeys of all sorts: across the globe, around the block, or within ourselves. Free of acknowledging any specific place she has “created a travel guide that is situated somewhere in […]

Scooter Armor

Marc Graells, inspired by animals with natural defenses like an armadillo, proposes a new type of protection and anti-theft alarm for the scooter: Protect 486. Protect 486 is an anti-theft armor with burglar alarm, and also protecting your scooter from sunshine and rainwater. It would certainly be an interesting site to see multiples of these […]

Yves Behar’s FuseProject: free eyeglasses

Mexican government sponsored program “See Better to Learn Better” partnered with FuseProject to develop a line of free eyeglasses, Collección Escolar 2010, especially for students aged 6-18. The glasses are customizable, fashionable, and nearly unbreakable with seven different colors, five shapes to choose from, and three different sizes. Lovely! Well reported at Core77, FastCompany, and Good

‘IronMan2’ costume is 3D printed

All along I’m sure we all assumed that the costume for IronMan2 was a result of amazing costume design or CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), but the IronMan2 costume is evidence that shows just how far along technology and 3D printing has come. That’s right. The IronMan2 costume is a rapid 3D prototype, easily replicated and […]

I want: Chinese Military Shovel

As multi-function as a Swiss Army knife! On a larger scale. – shovel, dig, cut and chop, saw, peel, measure, climb, hammer and much much more… – 铲(chan3),挖(wa1),砍(kan3),锯(ju4),削(xiao1),量(liang2),攀(pan1),锤(chui2)…


Who doesn’t love bacon?!!? Clever. via Blankanvas

a sponge for your wine glasses

I’ve been aching to host a dinner party lately, but living in a space that’s 8ft x 10ft (2.4meters x 3meters) makes it a bit difficult! hahaha. Regardless, Wine Glass & Champagne Flute Sponges are a very practically designed for your post-dinner party cleaning! via SwissMiss