culture shock #1: my bathroom stall

I’ve arrived in Beijing about 30 hrs ago.. alive, well, jet-lagged, and culture-shocked. I was more than well prepared for squatting toilets, but had no idea what to expect from my living accommodations. Leaving from the states, I thought that I had no expectations. And after arriving from a long journey to find a cozy, single room (which in retrospect is perfectly acceptable), I did not expect to find a bathroom that, in my mind, is similar to one of a maids quarter. Shower, sink, and toilet… all in one small space. Not to worry, I made it through after figuring out that the school only turns on hot water during certain hours of the day and took my first shower this morning. It only takes some getting used to. Now, I’m awaiting other surprises to come… not sure if that’s good or bad?

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