Wudaokou’s King of Dates

Since a friend introduced me to the Date Cake shop of Wudaokou (五道口), I’ve been addicted! Continue reading to find out more:


Have you ever had a ‘date cake’? If not, it’s definitely worth the long Beijing commute to try.

The little shop on the north side of Chengfu Lu, about 5 minutes walk directly west of the Wudaokou subway stop is called 枣糕王 (Zao Gao Wang), which translates literally to “Date Cake King.” That it is exactly what this shop is: the King of Date Cakes. With the sign stating “买一斤送半斤.” 斤 (jin) is the Chinese measure for .5kg. The sign says “buy .5kg and get .25kg free.” .5kg is currently 8.8RMB. That’s right $1.30 for fresh baked, moist, and delicious date cakes! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

You’re probably thinking, “What could be so special about $1.30 worth of cake?” Not to mention, it’s made of dates. Well first, it’s not the typical westerners idea of a sweet birthday cake. It’s more like a brown-sugar angel cake. It’s not super sweet, but instead there’s just a hint of honey-like sweetness or maybe it’s the brown-sugar. They use real dates in their product; I’ve encountered a seed or pit more than once baked into the cake. I can’t say I’m a date fan, but the cake is just cooked perfectly and it’s addicting.

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对了, 他们每天十一点开店。常会见到婆婆卖两大袋子新鲜糟糕!我推荐给你,早点儿去买最好,完的时候也下班的时候一定会排队。

3 thoughts on “Wudaokou’s King of Dates

  1. They sound delicious… and look it, too!!
    I wonder if they’d be interested in opening a franchise in Shanghai…
    Bring me some next time you come down!

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