eat your crayons!

Remember when you were yelled at as a kid for eating your crayons? Well now you can!
Crayon (made of food!) is a set of food bars made by Luxirare. Crushing up various foods of the same color family and using marshmallow to hold the ingredients together, crayons are formed in a mold. The flavors are based on colors, not actual flavors; the ingredients of each of the 8 colors are listed on the side of the box. The blue and purple colors are least healthy made with more sugar and candy. You can draw with them too!

Green crayon ingredients: peas, green beans, dried kiwi, green fruity pebbles, dried pumpkin seeds.

Crayon being formed in the mold.

Do have a look at the whole process at Luxirare‘s site.

via DesignBoom

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