a sponge for your wine glasses

I’ve been aching to host a dinner party lately, but living in a space that’s 8ft x 10ft (2.4meters x 3meters) makes it a bit difficult! hahaha. Regardless, Wine Glass & Champagne Flute Sponges are a very practically designed for your post-dinner party cleaning!

via SwissMiss

One thought on “a sponge for your wine glasses

  1. Hi there! I found this website and it had a blog post about this Japanese invention called Land Peel Floor Foam.
    You shoud check it out.
    Its a thick mat that goes on your floor and you can peel parts of it up and it turns into furniture!

    I think it may just be a concept now but I thought you may like to look into that, or blog about it!



    I love your blog, Thanks for all the really awesome posts!

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