Packaging: the pull-tab of a chocolate bar

I’m impressed yet again by packaging for something as simple as a chocolate bar! Of course, it would be a Korean company to think of something clever like this… But is it ‘over-designed’? Did opening a chocolate bar really need such ‘innovation’ and rethinking? In reality, does adding this ‘simplification’ actually complicate the action of […]

Slick alcohol wet wipes

I’ve never seen wet wipes packaged like this before! And also never spent time to think of the possibility for improving such packaging received in restaurants. I’m liking the simplicity of this one found at a Japanese yakitori restaurant in Causeway Bay.

East and West: packaging differences

The Shanghai based branding firm Labbrand reviews the impact of packaging design on business in a cultural context, particularly in China. Product brand managers need to pay special consideration to how their consumers view color, materials, images and typefaces, while considering the contrasts between Chinese and Western markets. Packaging design and color has a a big […]

bacon chocolate bar

Bacon!!  Mo’s Bacon Bar, to be exact. I had a taste of this mini-chocolate bar the other day and the salty, sweet flavor was pretty good! I think it was the novelty of the product more than the chocolate itself that made it delicious. Funny how that works. Regardless, along with the infused bacon flavor […]

playful food packaging

This line of packaging is so fun! The playful nature of the graphics makes me want to imitate the characters on the packaging: “nom nom nom..” An absolutely adorable range by Finland based Hasan & Partners. via theDieline

packaging: origami soap

Lovely! To coincide with its 20th birthday, Compagnie de Provence has added a substantial 180g version of its iconic vegetable soaps to the ranks. Each bar, made according to Marseille tradition from local natural ingredients, comes with a tiny instruction card so that once undone, its wrapper can be transformed into an ocean-inspired piece of […]

feeding my American food craving

Beef Noodles may not be an American original, but the hamburger sure is. Minimalistic packaging for take-away: And not a bad burger:

square coke bottle concept

Who doesn’t like greener products? Here’s a student’s concept for a greener soda bottle: via theBigPicture and see Coke’s bottle evolution here.

edible spray paint

Here’s a way to do a little something different to surprise the guests at your next dinner party: Bling out your food with Korefe‘s edible Silver and Gold spray paint! Brilliant! ;) via DesignVerb

fake wasabi peas

Fooled, yet again, by the packaging! Not wasabi at all, not even spicy (they were savory!)… and brown does not equal green! ;p

shrink wrapped table setting

Each table setting was shrink-wrapped… to provide a sense of sanitation? This technique does ease the process of setting tables when customers are waiting hungrily for their seats. Each table setting is pre-kitted after washing the dishes and can be handed out easily to seated customers. And the shrink wrap, does somehow give the notion […]

trash collector

This is a pretty handy trash receptacle.. the worker can wheel the container or carry it on their shoulder, like a bag. And the lid automatically opens because it’s secured to the handle, which makes it easy to sweep trash and debris. I wonder what would be different about this scene if the product were […]

coke bottles

Before I left Boston, I was at the ICA for the Damien Ortega exhibit. I totally loved the “120 days” coke bottles. The shapes, forms, details of manipulation in this collection were amazing to look at, not to mention the shadows cast from the clear glass. And so whimsical at the same time! Ortega’s experimentation transforms the coke bottle […]

water Bobble

I’m admittedly a little water obsessed right now since I can’t (or rather, am afraid to) drink the tap water here in Beijing. I may give tap water a try if I had the nicely designed Bobble… via Swiss-Miss

pizza box

A clever way to secure the individual-sized pizza for takeout :) And the box was more exciting than the food… haha.

edible oil

Cashews made with ‘edible oil’…. thanks China! =P Cashews, Salt, Edible Oil

water bottles galore, part 2

I recently posted an image of the many options for bottled water in China. This 4.5Liter bottle is interesting for a completely different reason. There are many bottles, or jugs, blow-molded with the handle as part of the mold, for example: WatsonsWater, on the other-hand, has decided to make the handle from a completely separate piece of plastic, […]

fooled by look-alike packaging

Wrigley’s, you fooled me! The green label made me automatically think the flavor would be mint. Instead, I opened the package to find an intensely floral taste in my mouth. Ahhh.. I see, the top of the cap says “herbal” and the side has photos of flowers. Fooled. And not enjoying this gum flavor at […]