Pintley: personalized beer recommendations

Pintley is a new community of beer drinkers, providing personalized recommendations based on how you rate beers. Sign up for an account, rate beers you’ve tried, and continue to update your profile with tasting notes and ratings to keep a record. Based on your feedback, Pintley recommends beers that you’ll like. You can also browse by brewer or style, see what other’s have said about the library of beers, save beers to favorites or wish list, and interact with other community members. Sounds like a great site for beer fanatics! And a much better way to keep those tasting notes than in a scribbled, old notebook.

新的网站叫Pintley能推荐啤酒。你开了帐户以后对你已经尝过的啤酒评论真么样, 然后Pintley用你已经尝过的啤酒再推荐别的你会喜欢。

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