Pintley: personalized beer recommendations

Pintley is a new community of beer drinkers, providing personalized recommendations based on how you rate beers. Sign up for an account, rate beers you’ve tried, and continue to update your profile with tasting notes and ratings to keep a record. Based on your feedback, Pintley recommends beers that you’ll like. You can also browse by […]

Designboom launches Chinese site

Designboom has just launched a version of it’s site in Chinese with translations of the same original English content! (Though, I can’t seem to match the content up…) Anyways, have a look at the chinese version :) Designboom 现在有中文的网站!看看。

Adventure Finder

Coming home to Boston for the summer, I’m in search of some activities or weekend getaways… I recently came across Adventure Finder for a more serious and action-filled vacation. Adventure Finder is a specialized search engine that aggregates tour packages and activities from other sites or helps plan your next adventure. Users can plan trips […]

new apartment = kitchen = recipe searching!

I’ve just moved to a new apartment in Beijing and am super excited to be out of the dorms and having my own kitchen! Perfect for the occasion are these 2 recipe sites: Yummly and Supercook, where you add ingredients or flavors you want (or have at hand) and the site will pull up recipes to fit […]

iPhone drawings by Kristofer Storm

With all the talk of the launch of Apple’s new iPad, here’s an interesting project by artist Kristofer Strom with a blog and a new drawing each day from his iPhone. via CreativeReview


Maybe the more internet connected know about this, but I’ve just been introduced to a bit of Chinese internet culture… the use of a Chinese character as an emoticon: Jiong(3) 囧 Do you see the face in the character? The character for “Jiong” is nowadays more widely used on the Internet as an ideographic emoticon representing […]

VisionUnion: Chinese design blog

I’m well aware of many of the US based design blogs, but was recently directed by a friend to VisionUnion: was found in June, 2008 with responsibility to introduce China Design to the world, report important affairs in China, promote China’s design firms/school of design/designers, present China’s original design works and articles. Have a […]

renren.. china’s fb

I’m slowly learning about some local, Chinese sties. One of which is RenRen .. and I’m debating if I should make an account to see what it’s all about. I’m afraid that my level of Chinese literacy is not quite up to par yet… Anyone have any RenRen vs. Facebook comparisons? thanks to my new friend […]

encyclopedia: Chinese contemporary art

ArtSpeakChina is an online wiki of Chinese contemporary art; it’s a collaboratively-authored encyclopedia that launched in November 2009. The guide is bilingual in Chinese and English, comprised of many articles about Chinese artists and the evolution of contemporary art with corresponding timelines of historical and social events. ArtSpeak China now contains well over 300 articles and […]

visual trip organizer: Duffel Up

I’ve been doing some house keeping and came across this site that I bookmarked a while ago: Duffle Up. It reminds me of the favorite note taking/keeping app Evernote, but catered towards traveling and collaborating on trips or events. Interesting spin. Has anyone ever used Duffle Up? Or heard of it?