DIY: manage cords, dock the cell

If you know me, or you’re the 1 person who follows my blog, I’m sure you know my obsession for cord management. And when I saw this DIY cell phone cradle, I was so excited! (Yes, it doesn’t take much, sometimes..) Made from any large plastic container (or lotion bottle), you can cut it up and create yourself a cell phone charging cradle:

What a great thought for reuse and save on purchasing another knick-knack, though I’ll be first to admit that some are worth the purchase ;) With an old lotion bottle, sharpie, and exacto blade you’re ready to go:

Start by cleaning out any old long and wide plastic container you have (this one looks like a Jergen’s bottle). Make sure that the bottle is wide/thick enough to fit your phone inside of! Then, draw the shape of the cradle on the outside of the bottle with a marker. You can choose whatever shape you like but ideally, it will have a rounded portion with a hole at the top and a “bucket” at the bottom for your phone to sit it (see the pic below). Finally, cut along the lines you traced (be very careful!) with an Exacto knife. Tada!

Brilliant DIY! (ps. Goes hand-in-hand with the most recent IDSA conference in Portland, earlier this month. The theme was DIY.)

via Inhabitat


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