digital wasteland: South Africa

Simply devastating. People of developed nations often feel like we are doing something good for developing nations when we donate, but it’s difficult to follow the entire process once the product has left our own hands. A dump site for digital technology, Africa’s notorious Agbogbloshie Market is a toxic wasteland where Europe’s outdated computers are scavenged […]

DIY: manage cords, dock the cell

If you know me, or you’re the 1 person who follows my blog, I’m sure you know my obsession for cord management. And when I saw this DIY cell phone cradle, I was so excited! (Yes, it doesn’t take much, sometimes..) Made from any large plastic container (or lotion bottle), you can cut it up and […]

GreenFest Boston

Starting tomorrow is GreenFest at Boston City Hall Plaza, running from August 19-21. Some key take aways from the website are simple: Drink tap water and use reusable containers, recycle, compost, and bike. Boston GreenFest celebrates the many ways we can create a better world by greening our lives and our communities. Among speakers, performers, […]

Blow Sofa

A collapsable blow up sofa…cool concept, but a bit excessive with supports and accessories? The blow-up, minimalist concept is great! The reference to natural, recycled, packaging material is a bit of trend: The sofa is made from 100% recycled paper dunnage bags with a metal rack and rubber straps. It is easy to transport when flat and […]

melting LED lightbulbs

A subtle and poetic reminder of energy waste… (looks a bit like melting ice-cream too!.. maybe I’m just always thinking about food.) Each time you’d switch these melting LED bulb lamps on, you’d be reminded of the unnecessary energy being wasted, killing our fine world. Keita Ogawa’s concept isn’t available to buy yet, but is […]

battery disposal?

Cool! I wonder what happens to all the batteries that are collected… Is it an illusion of proper battery disposal?

new gift trends: mini gardens

Growing gardens dioramas seems be a new trend: “Plant your love, let it grow” when you buy a pre-cut book and some seeds to plant your own garden. It’s certainly a great way of bringing the outside in and possibly a good DIY project. via my NanLuoGuXiang visit Similarly, have a look at Postcarden‘s cards: After setting up […]

packaging: origami soap

Lovely! To coincide with its 20th birthday, Compagnie de Provence has added a substantial 180g version of its iconic vegetable soaps to the ranks. Each bar, made according to Marseille tradition from local natural ingredients, comes with a tiny instruction card so that once undone, its wrapper can be transformed into an ocean-inspired piece of […]

Reclaimed Wine Barrels as Furniture

Not all that environmentally friendly when the Etsy seller StilNovoDesign imports reclaimed materials from France to manufacture furniture in California. Beautiful work, nonetheless. via IDSA Materials and Processes

GreenPolice: Audi commercial

Audi’s GreenPolice commercial from this past Sunday’s Superbowl: You can’t deny the brilliance behind this commercial. It’s great marketing, pulling at your conscience and connecting to green-concious consumers.