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Cooking Dinner Vol. I from William Hereford is a beautifully filmed and wonderful concept for the food preparation experience. The imagery with perfectly fitting typography and soundtrack really indulges all of your senses while cooking.

With the redefinition of how content is created, shared, and digested, Cooking Dinner Vol. 1 definitely gets the mental wheels spinning on the potential direction of food magazines, with thought to beautifully shot, yet easily digestible vignettes.

It’s a great example of a new concept for food magazines moving towards the tablet technology, while also engaging the user:

Tablets (and the internet really) provide the opportunity to look at moving images with the same studied intensity as a still photograph. Traditionally we are at the director’s mercy regarding when a shot begins and ends- the whole experience is fleeting, which can be wonderful, but I like the idea of creating a moving image which runs on a loop or is shot over a long period of time so the media can be consumed and studied in ways a traditional film cannot.

Cooking Dinner Vol.1 tells a lovely story of process and engages those tech geeks who do (and don’t) cook, while making an enjoyable experience in the kitchen.

via PSFK

Cooking Dinner Vol. I的食谱视频真有意思!非常漂亮也用所有的感官。在厨房能很好玩。

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