wheelchairs in Vietnam

Looking through some old photos, I came across these tricycle wheelchairs on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City when I was visiting a couple years ago… I’d never seen anything like it before, or perhaps I’m too sheltered. I did a bit of digging and these chairs are actually manufactured in Ho Chi Minh City, by KienTuong, you can see their advertisement stuck on the wheelchair and check out how it works in the video below; oddly fascinating:

Turns out, they are the same company who has teamed with and produces wheelchairs for Whirlwind Wheelchair, a non-profit, aiming to bring wheelchairs to the disabled of developing countries. You HAVE to watch this video (10 min on PBS) about the Whilrwind Wheelchair process and learn about the organization’s support for open source wheelchair development. What a wonderful design process!

我几年前在越南旅游的时候见这样的轮椅;在别的地方没见过。我再在网上看看原来这样的轮椅就在越南做的。做轮椅的公司KienTuong也是一样的公司帮Whirlwind Wheelchair做它们的轮椅。Whirlwind Wheelchair是一个非营利,看看视频介绍它们的意思和设计工序。

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