DaShan: 大山

大山, DaShan, (Big Mountain) aka Mark Rowswell is a Canadian who started studying Mandarin in the mid-1980s and has about 40 episodes of a CCTV series titled ‘Communicate in Chinese.’ DaShan is quite well known by all Chinese as a caucasian who speaks Mandarin like a local. I’ve just started to listen to the episodes in the past month and it’s really helpful for day to day activities and living.

With a specific topic and dialogue for each episode, there is also a break down and translation into english of the dialogue along with some cultural contexts and customs. Each episode highlights important phrases, vocabulary, and sentence structure for the particular subject being discussed. If you’re new to Mandarin, give it a try and start with Episode 1: Greetings. Quite beneficial if you ask me!


2 thoughts on “DaShan: 大山

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this information. I nevner hear this until I read your post. This can also help me learn English. I really like these series, because I can also know how do westerners interprete Chinese(language) and its culture.

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