food by colors

I’m loving the fresh fruits and veggies of summer time. And coming across this collection at Toxel made me smile wide :) The natural food colors and not so natural colors from packaging are so vibrant. I wonder how Linda Lundgren decided and picked which colors go where, like grapefruit as red and fish as […]

grocery store: H-Mart

Admittedly, I’ve been behind on my posts lately.. studying, finals, packing, traveling, packing again moving, re-packing, and making a trip back to the States for the summer… I’ve been busy these past couple weeks! I’ll back-date some posts that I’ve had on file ;) Onto my 4th of July H-Mart visit in Burlington, MA: A Korean-American chain […]

new apartment = kitchen = recipe searching!

I’ve just moved to a new apartment in Beijing and am super excited to be out of the dorms and having my own kitchen! Perfect for the occasion are these 2 recipe sites: Yummly and Supercook, where you add ingredients or flavors you want (or have at hand) and the site will pull up recipes to fit […]

“a matter of taste”

Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia has some amazing photographs compiled for his book “A Matter of Taste” combining fashion and food. Words won’t do it justice. Take a look at the photos, using food to create fashion accessories and products: via Toxel

street food feast for 2

Enough for 5…? or 6..?! My classmate and I were wandering for some street food and went a little overboard… hahaha, it was delicious! (And for RMB65: barbequed wings, peppers, lamb, and 2 vermicelli dishes, vegetable salad with mushrooms, and tripe). Our leftovers were given to a homeless man… 我和我的同学两个吃的晚饭在街上能给五, 六个吃!真的好玩儿也很好吃!

Sushi Popper reinvents “sushi”

Sushi Popper, a mix between the Flinstone’s Push Up ice-cream and traditional Japanese rice snack, Onigiri. Onigiri, rice balls wrapped in seaweed with various (non-sushi) stuffings, are often sold in convenience stores for Japanese fast food eating. Looks like Sushi Popper has re-invented Japanese food for a mass market at $29.95 for a 6 pack. I […]

video: Good Food Bad Food

Nice and simple video. Eat the good stuff: fruits and veggies… Not the bad stuff: addictive processed foods. good food bad food from Josh Cohen via Good

“北京小吃” Beijing snacks book

A good friend of mine here in Beijing shares my love for food and gave me this book yesterday! “北京小吃” Beijing snacks (or Beijing small eats). Although, I can barely read any of it, the pictures say a lot.. and to remind me that I have yet to explore any of the well known foods […]

playful food packaging

This line of packaging is so fun! The playful nature of the graphics makes me want to imitate the characters on the packaging: “nom nom nom..” An absolutely adorable range by Finland based Hasan & Partners. via theDieline

china boy

Eating his noodle-lunch and checking his cell phone… at age… 7-ish? Adorable.

dunkin’ donuts copycat

The US’s Dunkin Donuts looks like it has a Chinese counterpart “Sweety Donuts”. Same color scheme, same font! It’s too bad we had just finished dinner before coming across this shop, otherwise, I would have tried the donuts for a comparison as well! Suzhou, China


Who doesn’t love bacon?!!? Clever. via Blankanvas

a sponge for your wine glasses

I’ve been aching to host a dinner party lately, but living in a space that’s 8ft x 10ft (2.4meters x 3meters) makes it a bit difficult! hahaha. Regardless, Wine Glass & Champagne Flute Sponges are a very practically designed for your post-dinner party cleaning! via SwissMiss

NanLuoGuXiang Hutong

A visit to NanLouGuXiang was great to see with all the small independent and creative shops. From the pottery to Tibetan yogurt and craftmanship items. It’s a shame to come across this article in the Beijinger noting the change in environment from an authentically developed ‘tourist attraction’ to one that will potentially be artificially enforced. […]

feeding my American food craving

Beef Noodles may not be an American original, but the hamburger sure is. Minimalistic packaging for take-away: And not a bad burger:

clever pottery: coffee mugs

A clever way to keep the spoon out of the way when trying to drink from your mug! (But does the handle of the spoon get wet from liquid dripping?) Lovely, regardless, for the novelty.

Beef Noodle King

It’s funny and insightful that the USA is used for reference when beef noodles are an original Chinese dish. California is apparently home to the beef noodle king. And here’s a Beijing location:

square coke bottle concept

Who doesn’t like greener products? Here’s a student’s concept for a greener soda bottle: via theBigPicture and see Coke’s bottle evolution here.

albino strawberries (aka Pineberries)

Pineberry: the hybrid of a strawberry and a pineapple. It looks like a confused strawberry, that’s white with red seeds. This designer fruit — allegedly smells and tastes like a pineapple — will be sold in 45 Waitrose supermarkets across the U.K. for the next five weeks while they’re in season, ABC News reported. Cross-breeding fruit […]

edible spray paint

Here’s a way to do a little something different to surprise the guests at your next dinner party: Bling out your food with Korefe‘s edible Silver and Gold spray paint! Brilliant! ;) via DesignVerb