fake wasabi peas

Fooled, yet again, by the packaging! Not wasabi at all, not even spicy (they were savory!)… and brown does not equal green! ;p

shrink wrapped table setting

Each table setting was shrink-wrapped… to provide a sense of sanitation? This technique does ease the process of setting tables when customers are waiting hungrily for their seats. Each table setting is pre-kitted after washing the dishes and can be handed out easily to seated customers. And the shrink wrap, does somehow give the notion […]

living hinge fork

I’m starting to realize that some of my fascinations may seem a bit silly to local Chinese. Regardless, I was super excited to find a collapsable plastic fork packaged with my cup of noodles! I’m curious though, why a fork over chopsticks…? (apologies for the poor quality pics)

water Bobble

I’m admittedly a little water obsessed right now since I can’t (or rather, am afraid to) drink the tap water here in Beijing. I may give tap water a try if I had the nicely designed Bobble… via Swiss-Miss

Maltesers vs. Mylikes

Another ‘Chinese’ version, this time it’s candy. Entertaining comparison via TimeOut print version.

pizza box

A clever way to secure the individual-sized pizza for takeout :) And the box was more exciting than the food… haha.

edible oil

Cashews made with ‘edible oil’…. thanks China! =P Cashews, Salt, Edible Oil

fooled by look-alike packaging

Wrigley’s, you fooled me! The green label made me automatically think the flavor would be mint. Instead, I opened the package to find an intensely floral taste in my mouth. Ahhh.. I see, the top of the cap says “herbal” and the side has photos of flowers. Fooled. And not enjoying this gum flavor at […]

true ‘fusion’ food: Bánh mì sandwiches

Bánh mì sandwiches, if you’re not familiar, are a delicious Vietnamese sub that come with a variety of different fillings. What makes the Bánh mì unique (and fusion) is the use of French bread and pâté with traditional Vietnamese ingredients of pickled vegetables and meats. It’s interesting to think about how this sandwich came to exist through French-colonial influences […]