walk into the wall…into a new world

It’s like having a window of escape in your own home. These door sticker/wallpapers at Couture Deco (for US$199) are a lovely way to dream and get away, without going anywhere at all. Customize to fit in the proper space with scissors and use wallpaper glue to adhere to the wall. I’m afraid I’d actually try to pull a Harry Potter and walk into the wall! via Curbly

Along the same lines…

“Glimpse” by Sarah Dayo creates an opening in any wall by using a mirror… via Make

不需要去旅游了,自有这两个产品能想或者做梦你在别的地方。第一个在Couture Deco好像壁纸用的。第二个就是镜子能放大房间或者分开墙。

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