Hong Kong brings World Peace

Recently, I’ve actually been eating a lot of humus! Haha, proof with the newest snippet of my contribution to VeggieWala: I recently took another trip to Hong Kong and encountered a pleasant and tranquil surprise. In the middle of one of the world’s most international financial capitals and densely populated cities is The World Peace Cafe […]

HK: 30 things to do

I was going through some old magazines and travel guides, coming across this article of 30 must visit places in Hong Kong. Check out my previous post on Shanghai Tang. And I have really only been to a handful of these places listed in my many visits to Hong Kong; I’m ashamed… Which is your […]

Adventure Finder

Coming home to Boston for the summer, I’m in search of some activities or weekend getaways… I recently came across Adventure Finder for a more serious and action-filled vacation. Adventure Finder is a specialized search engine that aggregates tour packages and activities from other sites or helps plan your next adventure. Users can plan trips […]

an amazing view

Summer’s here and its family travel season! Spending time together is part of it, the other part is having and taking the time to see and explore a new place. How about a view from one of these places?? Looks incredible. Willis Tower Skydeck, Chicago, IL, USA Iguazu waterfall in Brazil Aurland, Norway See the […]

anywhere: a travel guide

Magda Lipka Falck’s project, for the 2010 degree exhibition of Stockholm’s art and design school Konstfack, examines the idea of travel books. Titled “Anywhere—A Travel Guide” Falck allows for journeys of all sorts: across the globe, around the block, or within ourselves. Free of acknowledging any specific place she has “created a travel guide that is situated somewhere in […]

street maps: wayfinding in Nanjing

I love seeing these maps on the streets, most likely aimed specifically at tourists. Yet useful even if you’re not a tourist. We can see a big difference between the old version of these street maps and the new version…I’m particularly found of how a story is told with the worn out section of the […]

flagged umbrella

A tour guide with her flag and umbrella.. clever and inventive way of combining the use and function of 2 products:

Moleskine’s Beijing City Notebook

I got a little going away gift in preparation for my Beijing departure from my good friend over at Moto and Design. Can’t wait to put it to good use! There are a variety of useful references included among the blank pages for note-taking or journal writing. I’ve always been a fan of Moleskines, and usually […]

Looking forward to Vancouver!

With a nice list from the NYTimes and DesignWeek Vancouver, I’m sure that I’ll wish I had more than a week to eat my way through the city! I had heard that there’s a great deal of Asian food in Vancouver, but I had no idea that it was to such a great extent. I’ll let you […]