Take 5

The subway car I normally ride.

bathroom icons

Usually toilets stick with just 1 icon, but at Vancouver’s BC Place Stadium, they’ve decided to emphasize variety with the use of 6 different icons for the women’s toilet. Oddly retro.. maybe it’s the use of the lime-green color?


When I first think of ‘Chinglish,’ I imagine a language that uses both English and Chinese words to communicate, but a recent article from the NewYork Times discusses ‘Chinglish’ as a language incorporating culture (and not just words), specifically in relation to signage in order to accomodate foreigners’ visit to the Shanghai World Expo. “The […]

don’t obey the signs

I guess the signs are only suggestions… “Step Off” is not really enforced: Nanjing, China

dunkin’ donuts copycat

The US’s Dunkin Donuts looks like it has a Chinese counterpart “Sweety Donuts”. Same color scheme, same font! It’s too bad we had just finished dinner before coming across this shop, otherwise, I would have tried the donuts for a comparison as well! Suzhou, China

Beef Noodle King

It’s funny and insightful that the USA is used for reference when beef noodles are an original Chinese dish. California is apparently home to the beef noodle king. And here’s a Beijing location:

parking sign: bikes

Yup. Designated area for parking your bike: “zi xing che cun fang chu” A utilitarian sign: