Art Friday’s market

Original and handmade artistry has been showing and for sale every Friday in Downtown Crossing. The Art Friday’s market is open Fridays from 11am-6pm until October 1 on Summer Street. There’s some great, local works there from photography to pottery, jewelry, and bags. There’s music playing, tourists, and street performers; a great initiative by the […]

food by colors

I’m loving the fresh fruits and veggies of summer time. And coming across this collection at Toxel made me smile wide :) The natural food colors and not so natural colors from packaging are so vibrant. I wonder how Linda Lundgren decided and picked which colors go where, like grapefruit as red and fish as […]

“a matter of taste”

Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia has some amazing photographs compiled for his book “A Matter of Taste” combining fashion and food. Words won’t do it justice. Take a look at the photos, using food to create fashion accessories and products: via Toxel

Pakistan truck art

Wow. What a colorful and lively culture! In Pakistan, one would rarely see a truck not decorated. Trucks are painted and decorated with many colors and chimes are hung from the trucks to create jingling sounds. The tradition of painting trucks in Pakistan is long and colourful. It started out as a way for truck […]

iPhone drawings by Kristofer Storm

With all the talk of the launch of Apple’s new iPad, here’s an interesting project by artist Kristofer Strom with a blog and a new drawing each day from his iPhone. via CreativeReview

calligraphy strokes

I’m taking a calligraphy class in addition to the Chinese I’m learning. Step one: brush stroke sequence and direction. It’s very difficult to control the brush in the exact directions as shown..!

coke bottles

Before I left Boston, I was at the ICA for the Damien Ortega exhibit. I totally loved the “120 days” coke bottles. The shapes, forms, details of manipulation in this collection were amazing to look at, not to mention the shadows cast from the clear glass. And so whimsical at the same time! Ortega’s experimentation transforms the coke bottle […]

798: Weng Fen’s Experimentalism

As I had recently posted, I took a trip to the Beijing 798 Art Distrcit and here’s a selection from one of the gallery shows: An awe striking exhibit with tons and tons of eggs: The crumbling of LehmanBrother’s.

Beijing’s artist communities

As I’m getting prepared to do some exploring. I leave you with this short article from thebeijinger: Rumors have been circulating for some time that Caochangdi, the area past Dashanzi that’s home to a number of high-profile galleries, may be razed for redevelopment, but it’s far from the only “art zone” under threat by voracious real estate agents. Red […]

‘Beijing design’ embraces cultural roots

An article published at Design Week, before the 2008 Summer Olympics discusses the shift and change in Chinese design, particularly Beijing. I’m curious how things are continuing to progress and re-shape, almost 2 years later. ‘China has been gradually getting its confidence back after the fast development of its economy,’ says Hank Chao, who heads award-winning Shanghai […]

encyclopedia: Chinese contemporary art

ArtSpeakChina is an online wiki of Chinese contemporary art; it’s a collaboratively-authored encyclopedia that launched in November 2009. The guide is bilingual in Chinese and English, comprised of many articles about Chinese artists and the evolution of contemporary art with corresponding timelines of historical and social events. ArtSpeak China now contains well over 300 articles and […]