random photo: Hangzhou

I was just reflecting on a recent trip I took with some schoolmates to Hangzhou during the May 1st holiday. And here’s one of many photos from the trip, though as always, looking to find the time to edit and post the remaining photos…

Our trip to Hangzhou was oddly perfectly (un)planned… trying to save money on one nights lodging, we decided to take a slow train (7 hrs) and get sleepers on the train instead of taking the typical 3 hour ride from Nanjing to Hangzhou. We arrived Hangzhou at 4:30am… just enough time to go to West Lake (四湖)to see the mist over the lake and the sky a very deep blue color just before we watched the sunrise at 6am, and then saw the elderly start to wake up to walk, do tai-chi, stretch, and even scream as part of their morning rituals. We saw exercise groups too! With their banners and heard of people marching or jogging to the same rhythm. The whole experience among others in Hangzhou are indescribable. Definitely one of the best trips I’ve been on :) Thanks guys! (Chee, Cindy, Chris, Mike, and Windsor)

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