random photo: China life

I took this photo during my trip to Nanjing only as a way to document my walk that day and the things I’d seen. Looking at the photo again, now, I’m not quite sure what’s going on here…There’s something really intriguing to me to know what daily life is like for this lady.

Definitely hanging laundry to dry in the middle of the street: nothing new.
Definitely construction going on: also not new…Though the bricks look really interesting, blocking the garage door-sized opening.
Most interesting is the old lady with her chair and shoe shine accessories..? She looks so lost and confused, though I’m sure she’s far from it.

我在南京散步的时候照这张照片, 原来没有什么意思只用记得。现在我在看这张照片, 我不知道照片里它们做什么。。。照片里的老太对我真的有意思。 她每天的生活,每天做什么我要知道。哈哈。

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