HK Food Re-caps

I returned to HK yesterday from another trip to Xining, China… and looking forward to a pizza lunch in Central. It’s been a while since I’ve had American food (though it seems that’s all I write about)! This is just a quick update to share what I’ve been writing for VeggieWala.

Check out a few things I’ve been trying in HK, since the last visit to the World Peace Cafe:

Delicious selections of wonderfully thin crust, brick oven pizzas at Black Sheep Pizza, 330 Shek O Village (Shek O Road).

How could you be in HK and not be drinking bubble tea??? Although, I know this tea is actually from Taiwan…

And of course, there’s always a brunch craving! I highly recommend Eggs Sardou (a veggie eggs benedict) at The Flying Pan.


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