grocery store: H-Mart

Admittedly, I’ve been behind on my posts lately.. studying, finals, packing, traveling, packing again moving, re-packing, and making a trip back to the States for the summer… I’ve been busy these past couple weeks! I’ll back-date some posts that I’ve had on file ;)

Onto my 4th of July H-Mart visit in Burlington, MA: A Korean-American chain grocery store in the US. (Hope everyone had a Happy Independence Day!)

First of, this place is huge! Tons of Asian foods from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, to Vietnamese and Filipino.. and more I’m sure.

My first impression was at H-Mart was encountering TousLesJours! The same corner bakery in my Beijing neighborhood of Wudaokou (五道口)! Now, to find out that it’s has an American branch, with roots in Korea…interesting and comforting at the same time.

H-Mart had a beyond imaginable amount of cold, side-dishes. I want to try them all..and so colorful!
I look forward to going back to Beijing and doing some serious grocery shopping, as I have yet to really explore there without having a kitchen :P I wonder if they will carry many different or similar items… I’ll need to learn how to use them…uhohs.

It’s funny that I’m now blogging about odd and unfamiliar fruit now that I’m back in the US for a while. Somehow it seems stranger to see unfamiliar fruit in the States, rather than abroad. While I was in China, it was just expected and acceptable (or also perhaps I couldn’t read the signs/names..) Anyways, this Hami Melon is delicious! Cantaloupe-like, but a more subtle flavor. We were warned by the person at the taste-test table to pick one without any green for eating :)

And after 1 semester of studying, here’s my mini-Chinese interpretation of this post:
我从北京回来美国波士顿, 第一天去一个非常大的韩美超市, 叫H-Mart。真的很有意思。 在这里什么亚洲菜都有!从外边看到“TousLesJours”的标志我很高兴因为在北京,五道口也有“TousLesJours”, 很奇怪。。。也有意思,是一个韩国公司在美国也有名的。
有点儿奇怪我现在先有水果的blog post。。。在中国的时候我看到奇怪的水果没blog但是一在美国看到不同的水果觉得很有意思。。。Hami Melon用汉语叫什么?

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