flickr uploads: Nanjing (南京)

Back in May, I mentioned taking a trip… and have finally uploaded photos!
Nanjing was once China’s capital and from the visit to the lovely garden in the Presidential Palace to the Nanjing Massacre Museum there was a lot to take in for a short 2 day stay. Even when I’m in Beijing, I’m constantly surprised by how friendly the locals are when asked to help or give directions; this was even more the case in my experience of Nanjing. Perhaps the smaller (yet still very big) scale city sees less ex-pats and locals are more receptive? Anyways, helpful and friendly people are always a plus when traveling. Aside from the historical sites and the great street food around the Confucius Temple, the city was much like any regular metropolitan city: hustle and bussle, shopping malls, commercial buildings…
I found Nanjing to be quite walkable and very green with trees lining the major streets, making it a rather enjoyable journey :)

See the full Flickr set here.
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