etching glass: how to

I started a project attempting to etch glass… When starting it, I didn’t realize it would be so simple! The vinyl sticker material used to make the stencil was the hardest part to master. If you’re trying this, a few trials should do the trick to familiarize yourself with how the material cuts with an exacto knife :) The product I found to etch glass was at the local craft’s store: a glass etching cream.

Gather additional materials needed: etching cream, exacto or utility knife, glass, vinyl stenciling sticker, and paint brush.


The instructions are quite simple:
1. Clean the glass and
2. Make a stencil with the vinyl sticker. I tried (more than) a few different tracings on a ‘scrap glass’ before perfecting my stencil.

3. Stick the stencil on the proper place on your glass piece.

4. Spread the cream into the cut out portion of the stencil. Use the paint brush to spread and rub the cream into the glass to get all corners of the sticker.

5. Wait 5 min for the cream to react with the glass and
6. Rinse the cream off.

7. Remove the sticker, rinse again, and wipe dry.
8. Voila! A piece of etched glass for you to enjoy or give as a gift.

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