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Last night DesignMuseumBoston hosted an event in collaboration with Office Environments of New England to not only eat, drink, and meet some wonderful people, but to also give some background and insight into what the Design Museum is trying to accomplish.  In addition to opening nomadic and ever-changing ‘pop-up museums’ in empty store fronts, DesignMuseumBoston partners with other local non-profits, such as Small Bean, to help solve design problems for those in need.

Design Museum Boston is a non-profit organization with the goal of creating and maintaining a network of virtual and physical exhibit spaces online, in Boston, and across New England.

These exhibits will educate the public on the role of design in their lives and the contributions of design within the creative economy. Design Museum Boston will also host events and programs related to design education to further connect the design community to the public.

Join their online community hosted by Ning to contribute ideas, start discussions, and get involved as their “intention is to create a hub for all forms of design, a place where anyone can come to experience and learn about the world we create.”

DesignMuseumBoston and the founders, Derek Cascio and Sam Aquillano, were first featured in a Boston Globe and FastCompany.
Now it’s confirmed, the first physical exhibit will be located at Boston City Hall entitled Creative Capital, opening in September! It looks like great things to come with advancing the design community in New England by educating the public :)

两个波士顿设计师刚刚开DesignMuseumBoston。 但不是我们平时认识的博物馆,他们用现在关的商店开游牧的博物馆给公众能看能学设计真的是做什么。在波士顿的市政厅九月会开第一个展览。很有意思!

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