street food feast for 2

Enough for 5…? or 6..?! My classmate and I were wandering for some street food and went a little overboard… hahaha, it was delicious! (And for RMB65: barbequed wings, peppers, lamb, and 2 vermicelli dishes, vegetable salad with mushrooms, and tripe). Our leftovers were given to a homeless man… 我和我的同学两个吃的晚饭在街上能给五, 六个吃!真的好玩儿也很好吃!

great logos have a message

This collection of logos at DevSnippets goes beyond typographic aesthetics; they successfully communicate a visual message about the company. Simply lovely designs! Check out some more via DevSnippets

IKEA as a family attraction

An LA Times article documents Beijingers’ visit to IKEA. Families drive hours to visit the famous IKEA store, but not because of the well designed, DIY assembly furniture. They’ve come to experience the lifestyle and enjoy themselves in an air-conditioned space, where purchasing something is not necessary and their kids can jump and play on the […]

material: gel-refrigerator

Wow! A cooling gel concept for Electrolux Design Lab 2010 that’s both visually and tactilely intriguing. The Bio Robot Refrigerator is four times smaller than a conventional refrigerator and cools biopolymer gel through luminescence. Rather than shelves, the non sticky, odourless gel morphs around products to create a separate pod that suspends items for easy access. Odorless, […]

a trip to the hospital

Back in April, I was sick for a couple weeks and made myself go to the local hospital to get checked out. An interesting experience, with no one speaking English. Suffice to say, I still got prescriptions and have been happy and healthy since. A couple photos from my visit: The public hospital is incredibly […]

flickr uploads: Suzhou and Zhouzhuang (苏州和周庄)

Suzhou, known as the Venice of China is famous for its canals (many of which have now been filled in), but there are also many smaller towns around Suzhou also built on the canal system. Zhouzhuang is on of them. A true tourist destination, having to pay RMB$100 to even enter the town as a […]

Shanghai skyline 1990 vs 2010

There’s been remarkable change of the Shanghai skyline in 20 years. I wonder what city life was like in Shanghai 1990… 1990: 2010: via BusinessInsider

bus stop: Suzhou

I loved the traditional Chinese architecture inspired bus stops of Suzhou! It really does emphasize and tie together the  historical significance of the gardens in this city. Lovely :)

Scooter Armor

Marc Graells, inspired by animals with natural defenses like an armadillo, proposes a new type of protection and anti-theft alarm for the scooter: Protect 486. Protect 486 is an anti-theft armor with burglar alarm, and also protecting your scooter from sunshine and rainwater. It would certainly be an interesting site to see multiples of these […]

guest post: Sally Wu “Bathing at Beida”

My friend Sally, a Master’s in psychology exchange student from Taiwan, is studying at Peking University (Beida) this semester. I’ve been happy to help her with some translations and she’s kind enough to contribute one of her stories here: “北大洗澡記” 每天晚上校園都有不少人手提著塑膠袋或是小提籃,裡面放著盥洗用具,在寒冷的夜晚裡,走向公共浴室洗澡。我則是和室友走向更遠的浴室,因為那裏洗澡的地方有門可以關上。我來到北大最讓我驚訝著的兩件事,第一件事宿舍裡沒有洗澡的地方,第二件事是洗澡的地方沒有門可以關上。我聽我室友說在公共浴室洗澡,大家彼此可以看到對方的裸體。不過後來拿到港澳台學生用的洗澡證,我的心情好許多。因為港澳台辦公室知道台灣、香港和澳門的同學不習慣這樣的洗澡方式。有了這張卡,我們可以被允許進入留學生公寓的浴室,保全人員會先檢察我們的證件才讓我們進去洗澡。 我的大陸朋友說,這樣的洗澡方式都常在北方比較常見,所以南方人到北方求學,常常會很不習慣。不過她說,她們得習慣環境,因為這樣的生活習慣在北方已經很久了,即使跟行政單位反應也是沒有用的。我聽完不能理解為什麼反應是沒有用的,於是我只好點點頭。 “Taking a shower at Beida” Every evening there are many students walking through campus, bringing their plastic […]

view from a Rickshaw

These men work really hard… especially when there’s 3 of us in the back! As a passenger, the view is very different from this angle compared to biking on your own or in a taxi or bus. It’s totally enjoyable to be a passenger on the back of a bicycle.. your attention doesn’t have to […]

laundry on the streets

A look into the interpretation of “public space”…. There’s one thing with hanging laundry outside one’s window out in the open; it’s certainly another to hang laundry to dry from public lamp posts! Love these silly Chinese.

biking in the rain

Blury photo alert! Even biking in the rain, the Chinese use umbrella’s.. I saw many more umbrellas on this rainy day than raincoats. And how sweet of this girl to hold the umbrella as a passenger. Another thing I noticed was that there were very few black umbrellas, if any. In the west, we’re used […]

“北京小吃” Beijing snacks book

A good friend of mine here in Beijing shares my love for food and gave me this book yesterday! “北京小吃” Beijing snacks (or Beijing small eats). Although, I can barely read any of it, the pictures say a lot.. and to remind me that I have yet to explore any of the well known foods […]

battery disposal?

Cool! I wonder what happens to all the batteries that are collected… Is it an illusion of proper battery disposal?

Tedtalk: Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demo SixthSense

Amazing wearable device from MIT media lab that allows you to interact with your environment in ways we all dream about.. take photos with hand gestures, find out information about products you’re buying on the spot, get up to date flight information and news! My description does no justice, just watch the 9 min video […]

iPhone drawings by Kristofer Storm

With all the talk of the launch of Apple’s new iPad, here’s an interesting project by artist Kristofer Strom with a blog and a new drawing each day from his iPhone. via CreativeReview


When I first think of ‘Chinglish,’ I imagine a language that uses both English and Chinese words to communicate, but a recent article from the NewYork Times discusses ‘Chinglish’ as a language incorporating culture (and not just words), specifically in relation to signage in order to accomodate foreigners’ visit to the Shanghai World Expo. “The […]