Beijing’s got Cheese!

Again, apologies for the lapse in time before this post! Allow me to continue…

Guess what?! You have no idea how exciting this is: you can find freshly made, artisinal cheese in Beijing! That’s right…fresh. And homemade. Once I heard about the Cheese Maker of Beijing, “Le Formargerie de Peking” or 北京布乐奶酪坊 earlier this year, I was dying to check it out. About a 15 min walk from the HuiLongGuan 回龙观 subway line 13 is the small Le Formargerie de Peking shop.

The founder of Le Formargerie de Peking, Mr. Liu Yang, is a native Chinese trained in France to learn the high quality and art of cheese making:

In order to make artisan cheese with the highest quality, LFP imported its equipment and cultures from France and follows the standard operational procedures in traditional French cheese making. The mission of LFP is “a taste of France away from France”. In additional, Mr. Liu would like to expose the Chinese palates to the authentic taste of French artisan cheese.

For the time being, LFP offers a variety of soft cheese (similar to camembert), ricotta, mozzarella, whey cheese, etc. Future products to be launched include blue cheese. LFP’s products got good reviews at various tasting parties and are loved by its customers.

Luckily, I’m living just a few subway stops from the shop location, but for a visitor or the typical ex-pat, HuiLongGuan is a bit of a hike. Check out the website for delivery in Beijing!

The advantage of going there in person is being able to try 10 types of the homemade cheeses on stock. Don’t expect any extravagant shop set up though; it’s quite minimal. And the location is still very local. The shopkeepers pulled out folding chairs and a table for us when we asked for a tasting. The cheeses were straight from the fridge and after buying 3 blocks to take home, the tastes (of course) were much stronger and different at room temperature than straight from the fridge at the shop. I must say that the trial portions were generous! Amongst the variety of soft and semi-soft cheeses on site, one of my favorites was the harder, medium flavored Tomme cheese.

All very, very reasonably priced for excellent cheese, averaging 40RMB/ 200g. Check the website for more detailed information and hours of operation. There are also tasting/party platters available :)Who would have thought, you could satisfy your cheese cravings in Beijing!? Now, if they had a wine bar next door, it would be heaven…

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太高兴了!你猜猜为什么呢。北京有法式手工奶酪!真的很新鲜。 年初我听说有一家北京布乐奶酪坊,这时候已经很想去看看了。从回笼观十三号线地铁站走路十五分钟就到这小家北京布乐奶酪坊。


北京布乐奶酪坊坐落于北京回龙观社区,它按照法国奶酪坊的设计标准建造,并使用法国进口的设备及发酵霉菌,承袭法国传统手工制作奶酪的方法,生产符合国际卫生标准的传统法式奶酪,奶酪坊建立者刘阳先生学成于法国专业的奶酪制作学校,他的布乐奶酪坊所追求的目标是—–让旅居中国的西方人吃到家乡的奶酪 ; 让国人认识真正的法国纯手工奶酪的味道和品质。

北京布乐奶酪坊已经具备一定生产规模,并推出一系列产品以满足喜爱法式奶酪的美食家们的需要。目前它的产品有:北京灰(软质干酪,类似CAMEMBERT),乳清奶酪,白奶酪,并将于不久的将来重新推出 蓝纹奶酪。


也有好处去商店。可以尝尝十种不同的奶酪在商店里做的。不想象商店回很豪华因为商店极小在很当地的地方。尝尝奶酪得时后坐商开小桌子让我们坐坐。让我们长奶酪的时候,他们从冰箱拿去奶酪。我们买了三种奶酪带回家但回家的时候知道从商店里尝的味道不一样,因为回家以后奶酪已经室温了所以味道比从冰箱拿出重点儿。值得说在商店里他们让我们尝的很多!有怎么多种奶酪我最喜欢的十中味儿的多姆奶酪 (Tomme)。



2 thoughts on “Beijing’s got Cheese!

  1. Mmmmm! Sounds like a very good place to satisfy a craving! Its great to see a local Chinese artisan make cheese. Chinese people don’t seem to like the taste of cheese, but I think that is because of the quality the cheese they try and the fact that they see it as western and therefore not fitting for the Chinese palate.

    While, I am not a avid consumer of cheese, I do think it is a wonderful food and everyone can learn to enjoy it. There are so many different methods and flavors…I’m sure someone can find something they like.

    Any sharp cheeses available at the store?

    1. Totally agree! Just like wine and beer, it’s about finding the right one for your palate :)

      As I recall, we unfortunately didn’t try any sharp cheeses.

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