albino strawberries (aka Pineberries)

Pineberry: the hybrid of a strawberry and a pineapple. It looks like a confused strawberry, that’s white with red seeds.

This designer fruit — allegedly smells and tastes like a pineapple — will be sold in 45 Waitrose supermarkets across the U.K. for the next five weeks while they’re in season, ABC News reported.

Cross-breeding fruit to create new varieties is a $100 million business in the U.S., ABC News reported.

Like strawberries, they’re green until they ripen, but instead of turning a deep, juicy red, these fruits turn white, like they’ve been attacked by Bunnicula. Pineberries sell for about $4.50 for a 4.5 ounce bag until April 13, after which the price will be hiked up to about $6.00.

Wow, designer fruit indeed. But if it tastes and smells like a pineapple, the novelty is in the strawberry shape. Such confusion! I want to try!

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