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Recently, China surpassed Japan as the world’s 2nd largest economy.

A couple months ago I had a discussion with a classmate about our adjustments to living in Beijing. One of the biggest adjustments that seem so simple and natural in our respective home countries is the idea of brands. We know who to trust, what to expect from quality and service, and where to go to look for specific needs. Something that is seemingly obvious in our daily activities has been turned upside down upon our arrival to China. This is certainly all apart of traveling and exploring a new place. But learning all this information is an overload and can be difficult. One thing that I have noticed is for water: of the plethora of choices, locals prefer Nongfu Spring.

Seeing the Business Insider article about 19 Chinese consumer brands was definitely one place to start! Of the better known names are China Mobile, Tsingtao, and Baidu. And a few of the lesser known: Tingyi Packaged Noodles, Want Want food, and Bailian women’s lingerie. I’ll have to start following up on these and understanding their range or products when I’m back in Beijing.


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