“北京小吃” Beijing snacks book

A good friend of mine here in Beijing shares my love for food and gave me this book yesterday!

“北京小吃” Beijing snacks (or Beijing small eats). Although, I can barely read any of it, the pictures say a lot.. and to remind me that I have yet to explore any of the well known foods of Beijing! Except for one. I have been officially obsessed with Beijing’s Jian(1)Bing(3)- 煎饼 - (Chinese crepe, if you will).

My brief translation of the above (after much dictionary usage) and some interpretation:
Although, it’s most well known in Tianjian, the JianBing is also a famous Beijing snack. It’s made on an iron skillet, where oil is spread on top for cooking. A bean, flour paste is spread on top of the round skillet and cooked until a little crispy on one side. The pancake is then flipped and sauce is spread on the top surface and fillings are placed ontop before the pancake is folded up to serve. It’s a wonderful form of breakfast.

It’s not just for breakfast, it’s a great lunch, dinner, or snack too! Can you tell I’m a fan of this savory snack? Some photos of this process below:

Online, I’ve found this recipe. Now, once I get my hands on some ingredients and a kitchen, I just mayyyy try to make it.

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