GreenFest Boston

Starting tomorrow is GreenFest at Boston City Hall Plaza, running from August 19-21. Some key take aways from the website are simple: Drink tap water and use reusable containers, recycle, compost, and bike. Boston GreenFest celebrates the many ways we can create a better world by greening our lives and our communities. Among speakers, performers, […]

Design Museum Boston

Last night DesignMuseumBoston hosted an event in collaboration with Office Environments of New England to not only eat, drink, and meet some wonderful people, but to also give some background and insight into what the Design Museum is trying to accomplish.  In addition to opening nomadic and ever-changing ‘pop-up museums’ in empty store fronts, DesignMuseumBoston […]

China pavilion – shanghai expo 2010

I previously posted my excitement for the Shanghai Expo. And here’s another pavilion that looks amazing! The china pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 is designed in the shape of an oriental crown, showcasing the spirit of traditional chinese culture. its main structure includes a six layer, 30 meter high roof made of  56 traditional wooden brackets. the brackets symbolize the […]

nice to meet you, here’s my card.

I pushed myself to go to the first Ignite Event in Beijing, a few days ago, even though it was all in Chinese and only 1 of the presentations was in English. I can get around with directions and my minimal knowledge of the language, but attempting to listen to the speakers, it’s confirmed that I […]

another I can’t wait: WorldExpo2010

Have you heard? Shanghai will be hosting 2010’s World Expo from May-October this year. I’ve been looking forward to this event for a couple years now, and luckily, I won’t be too far away with a chance to visit! Check out a couple highlights so far: Glowing UK Pavilion will be used as a “seed bank with […]