Overdue Flickr Uploads

A few photos from my last trip to Asia back in December (Hong Kong and Taipei, Taiwan). City life, cramped spaces, the old with the new, and modernization… aahh yes, I love the contrast of lifestyles. via Wandering Along the Way Flickr Album

Beijing’s Hutongs: I can’t wait

I have yet to do much research into my stay in Beijing; all I know is that everyone who has been to this historical city, tells me that I MUST take a look and explore the Hutongs of Beijing. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if much still exists after making room for the 2008 Summer Olympics. […]

welcome to Creative Wanderings!

Hello, hello! I’m starting this year off with a clean slate. I’m working on the ‘about’ page of this site… it’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Actually, I wanted to get Creative Wanderings up and running earlier, but somehow real-life always gets in the way. But here I am, launched and […]