Graphic Design: Paying Tribute to Hong Kong’s Markets

I haven’t blogged in so long, I don’t even know where to begin! I’m launching a new project on Kickstarter and here’s the Press Release: Paying Tribute to Hong Kong’s Markets with Graphic Design A unique poster series celebrates the disappearing street markets of Hong Kong A unique poster series celebrates the street markets of […]

Art of Print: an afternoon at Wai Che Printing Company

Back in August of this year, a RISD friend invited me to one of their alumni events here in Hong Kong. It was called “Word Jamming” at Wai Che Printing Company (伟志印务公司) — translation is “great aspiration printing company” — and we went to visit the old, Chinese print shop in Sheung Wan. At Wai […]

Packaging: the pull-tab of a chocolate bar

I’m impressed yet again by packaging for something as simple as a chocolate bar! Of course, it would be a Korean company to think of something clever like this… But is it ‘over-designed’? Did opening a chocolate bar really need such ‘innovation’ and rethinking? In reality, does adding this ‘simplification’ actually complicate the action of […]

An encounter with reverse culture shock

I traveled back to the US for a few weeks this fall and had sincere encounters with reverse culture shock! I’ve been living abroad for over 2 1/2 years now (how time flies!). And it was over a year since I had been back to the US. I’m keeping this post straightforward — so here […]

HK: 30 things to do

I was going through some old magazines and travel guides, coming across this article of 30 must visit places in Hong Kong. Check out my previous post on Shanghai Tang. And I have really only been to a handful of these places listed in my many visits to Hong Kong; I’m ashamed… Which is your […]

haircut in the park

3RMB for a haircut in the park! Outside of YuYuanTan Park (玉渊潭公园) there are barbers-on-bikes giving haircuts and shaves:

shrink wrapped table setting

Each table setting was shrink-wrapped… to provide a sense of sanitation? This technique does ease the process of setting tables when customers are waiting hungrily for their seats. Each table setting is pre-kitted after washing the dishes and can be handed out easily to seated customers. And the shrink wrap, does somehow give the notion […]

calligraphy strokes

I’m taking a calligraphy class in addition to the Chinese I’m learning. Step one: brush stroke sequence and direction. It’s very difficult to control the brush in the exact directions as shown..!

renren.. china’s fb

I’m slowly learning about some local, Chinese sties. One of which is RenRen .. and I’m debating if I should make an account to see what it’s all about. I’m afraid that my level of Chinese literacy is not quite up to par yet… Anyone have any RenRen vs. Facebook comparisons? thanks to my new friend […]

China pavilion – shanghai expo 2010

I previously posted my excitement for the Shanghai Expo. And here’s another pavilion that looks amazing! The china pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 is designed in the shape of an oriental crown, showcasing the spirit of traditional chinese culture. its main structure includes a six layer, 30 meter high roof made of  56 traditional wooden brackets. the brackets symbolize the […]

Beijing bus stop

Crowds of people rush on and off the bus… Once they’re gone, more people line up at the designated spots.. Such a self-explanatory, simple way of organizing and coordinating.

culture shock #1: my bathroom stall

I’ve arrived in Beijing about 30 hrs ago.. alive, well, jet-lagged, and culture-shocked. I was more than well prepared for squatting toilets, but had no idea what to expect from my living accommodations. Leaving from the states, I thought that I had no expectations. And after arriving from a long journey to find a cozy, […]

Shanghai: no pajamas in public

The Chinese are trying to become more ‘Westernized’? Or ‘modernized’? Instead of accepting pajamas in public as part of the culture and allowing foreigners to see a different lifestyle, is Shanghai attempting to suppress the daily living habits of their local citizens? The wearing of colorful, boldly-printed pajamas in public has been popular in the […]

Happy New Year! (Chinese New Year, that is)

Good-bye year of the Cow…Happy year of the Tiger! Coincidently, the Lunar New Year falls on the American Valentine’s Day of February 14th this year. I won’t be spending the day with family; instead, this morning, I’m off to Vancouver with a someone-special to explore and enjoy the Winter Olympics! We don’t have tickets to […]