street maps: wayfinding in Nanjing

I love seeing these maps on the streets, most likely aimed specifically at tourists. Yet useful even if you’re not a tourist. We can see a big difference between the old version of these street maps and the new version…I’m particularly found of how a story is told with the worn out section of the […]

public toilet map

So smart to orient the map the same way the street is laid out! Proof that community living and communal bath houses and toilets are still used and needed, even in a ‘developed’ city like Beijing: I do wonder if this map is for locals or tourists, since it’s placed on a main street that currently […]

which door do you use?

Is it really necessary to have an additional third door on the side. It seems like this would create more problem with traffic flow than to reduce it (at least on the way in..) Awkward. I wonder if there was a reason for this, like saving in materials..? Was there an extra door laying around […]