Happy Magic Water Park

Design friend @ssshaona posted a link to information about the new “Happy Magic Water Park” in Beijing. The Water Cube of the Beijing Olympic park has undergone renovations to be transformed into an indoor water park. After reading the blurb, more than 1 friend here in Beijing has mentioned of hearing the same! Looks like it […]

water Bobble

I’m admittedly a little water obsessed right now since I can’t (or rather, am afraid to) drink the tap water here in Beijing. I may give tap water a try if I had the nicely designed Bobble… via Swiss-Miss

chinese fire hydrant

I don’t understand how the fire hydrant can be underground.. won’t it take too long to get the water if there’s an actual fire? Very likely that I’m missing something… Anyone have any insight?

water bottles galore, part 2

I recently posted an image of the many options for bottled water in China. This 4.5Liter bottle is interesting for a completely different reason. There are many bottles, or jugs, blow-molded with the handle as part of the mold, for example: WatsonsWater, on the other-hand, has decided to make the handle from a completely separate piece of plastic, […]