bus stop: Suzhou

I loved the traditional Chinese architecture inspired bus stops of Suzhou! It really does emphasize and tie together the  historical significance of the gardens in this city. Lovely :)

view from a Rickshaw

These men work really hard… especially when there’s 3 of us in the back! As a passenger, the view is very different from this angle compared to biking on your own or in a taxi or bus. It’s totally enjoyable to be a passenger on the back of a bicycle.. your attention doesn’t have to […]

Pakistan truck art

Wow. What a colorful and lively culture! In Pakistan, one would rarely see a truck not decorated. Trucks are painted and decorated with many colors and chimes are hung from the trucks to create jingling sounds. The tradition of painting trucks in Pakistan is long and colourful. It started out as a way for truck […]

this city needs a bike rental system

It’s been about 2 months since I’ve arrived in this sprawling city of Beijing. I find myself keeping quite active with exploring and meeting some great people. Though, I continually wish for a more walkable city and more manageable scale. I wonder how long it will take me to fully adjust, or if I will. […]

human body subway map

Fun perspective on the human body and its different systems (e.g. arterial, digestive, musculetal, respiratory, etc.) by Sam Loman. via Good via CoolHunting

Beijing bus stop

Crowds of people rush on and off the bus… Once they’re gone, more people line up at the designated spots.. Such a self-explanatory, simple way of organizing and coordinating.