don’t obey the signs

I guess the signs are only suggestions… “Step Off” is not really enforced: Nanjing, China

old man playing Chinese chess

Randomly strolling through a neighborhood, I found some old men playing Chinese chess, as they often do in parks. I’m amazed at how active the Chinese are at old age, from dancing groups, martial arts, and card or chess games…all done in the local parks. I wonder about the stories they have to tell and […]

camouflage tree

Literally. Sooo… this IS a natural pattern! VERY COOL.

Cherry Blossoms

A few photos from YuYuanTan Park (玉渊潭公园) this weekend:

haircut in the park

3RMB for a haircut in the park! Outside of YuYuanTan Park (玉渊潭公园) there are barbers-on-bikes giving haircuts and shaves: